• Please ring our friendly Customer Service team member and they will assist you in finding the most age appropriate and skill-based class. A 2-week taster will be organised so your child can ‘taste’ an AGDA Program to experience the benefits. 

• Drop in and speak with one of our Friendly Customer Service Officers and view a program.

• Book your 2-week taster by completing the following form: 

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• Find out more here. (include a button that goes to Facebook Messenger link) 

• Attend an event. When attending an event our team member will be able to make a quick assessment as to which program will be most suitable for your child



Before booking and investing in a full term, we recommend that you do a 2-week taster at AGDA.

During the taster, you will experience the classes, meet the Educators and get to know our venue and Academy Culture. 

You can register for a 2-week taster at any time. As our teams fill very fast, we will require the 2-week taster to be paid at the time of booking. After the 2 week taster and when you are ready to join AGDA, the fee will be payable on a pro rata basis to your start date. What does this mean? It means you can start at anytime!

Once you have booked your 2-week taster, if for whatever reason your child cannot attend, please contact our Admin Angels prior to the allocated time to reschedule. Please understand that this spot is held just for you, so if you do not attend and do not provide any notice, we will not be able to reschedule the lesson.

Please note: a new member registering into a team will take priority over trials. So, if you are booking in for a trial and that team is close to capacity, be aware that you may be asked to reschedule to another day if the team becomes full (you will receive a phone call if this occurs).

There are no refunds for the 2-week taster.




The Academy Membership Fee includes the following:

  • Academy Membership
  • Gymnastics Australia Registration and Year Badge
  • Members Insurance

This fee becomes due after the 2-week paid trial and/or payable at the beginning of each calendar year.  Entry to the teams will be refused if this fee is not paid by the due date. Team positions are not held or booked until payment has been received and all documentation completed.

This member insurance covers all participating members in the case of gymsport related injuries for non-medical expenses i.e. physiotherapy.  Please see the AGDA’s Injury and Illness Management Program and Policy insurance claims. 

The Annual Membership Fee is non-refundable. The member insurance is transferable between clubs but not from one gymnast to another. This Fee is valid from payment date to the 31st December of that year. The Annual Membership fee is due for renewal by the 1st January each year.  The participating member may rejoin during that year to gain full benefit of this investment. 

For a transfer from one club to another to be approved all fees MUST be finalised at the previous club.  For a new member transferring from another club the full Annual Membership fee is due, when the transfer from the previous club has been approved, a 30% credit is applied to the transferring gymnasts account.




We don’t follow the school terms.  AGDA’s terms (10 weeks) follow from one to the next with no stops throughout the year. This helps to maintain a gymnasts’ strength, flexibility and overall fitness to enhance the productivity of advancement throughout the year.


Call:  07 3293 2355
or 0427 579 929
Location: 420 Deception Bay Road, Deception Bay QLD 4508



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